Hello there!

I am Akshata, the main chef behind this blog site.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I am so glad that you are here:)

I am a full-time mom, a YouTuber, and an entrepreneur, and I believe in hard work and commitment. Being a big foodie, I have a great passion for cooking different recipes. 

I have a lovely family. I was born and brought up in Karnataka. Currently living in Northern California with my husband Balakrishna Patil and our lovely daughter Adhya…

We three make a cool trio and live every moment with love. We want to set an example for our daughter to live a happy and independent life. 

The Journey

I know in this busy world we barely have time to cook a lengthy recipe and savor it. As I was busy managing my work and home, being a mother was very difficult. So, I started to experiment with short and quick recipes. Most of them turned out to be the best versions of any particular recipe.  My husband started loving the new food recipes.  I started to shoot the recipes and shared them on YouTube. So, that I can have a record of the recipe. I started to get good responses from the viewers.

My passion for cooking went crazy and I started loving the process. I started to make time for cooking every day. Experimented with different recipes.

 My family supported me a lot, especially my husband. The support and the love that got from YouTube encouraged me to start this blog.

Now, I am very happy and I love to try and experiment with different recipes and share them with those who are in need. Cooking is fun. Once you start loving it, you will never stop yourself from loving it!

I assure you to bring some easy and quick recipes. With no compromise in the taste of the recipes! Also, I will share some very useful tricks and tips to make your cooking easier. Happy Eating!

I am so grateful to everyone, who has supported me in this journey. 

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